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Zombie Experiment NYC

The Invisible Atomic Monsters From Mars

The Invisible Atomic Monsters From Mars is a future set, intellectual zombie infection movie, written, produced, filmed and edited in just 28 days in February 2010. It sees a space pilot encountering a strange new England that has been over run with blood craving undead after his craft crashes down in a mysterious accident. Meeting up with a group of survovors, he inspires them to make a stand and fight the undead in a bid to get to the coast.

Dead Season movie trailer

Dead Season is an upcoming movie about a Zombie Apocalypse one year on. Survives travel to what they think is an abandoned paradise island away from the Zombies, but soon discover that they will have to confirm to a new society already established there.

Dead Season official movie site

The Walking Dead

Really cool fan film based on The Walking Dead comics which I have yet to read. Apparently this is a spoiler if you have not read the comics.

The Walking Dead Fan Trailer

Fear of the Living Dead

A lone survivor struggles to stay alive in a nightmarish world consumed by the undead. But what happens when she finds out she's not the only one left alive?

From a group of long-time fans and first-time film makers comes Fear of the Living Dead'. Zombie and horror lovers will love this gore-filled thrill ride of a short film.

Get the DVD at the official website.

Plague - Officicial Screener